From 1822 until 1889 there was an Alcovia Presbyterian Church in the Bold Springs area.  And there was a Presbyterian Church in Monroe from 1839 through 1843.

Our congregation launched with afternoon Sunday School classes in 1923. Enthusiasm grew, land was acquired, and in 1924 a building was completed on Pannell Road. Logically, we became the Pannell Presbyterian Church.

On June 4, 1950, 31 members from the Pannell Presbyterian Church and the Monroe Presbyterian Church united to form the First Presbyterian Church of Monroe. For the next 22 years we met in the former First Methodist Church building.

In 1970 our presbytery tapped its Ray-Thomas Trust Fund to cover a large part of the construction costs of our present facilities on Breedlove Drive. Taking the name Ray Memorial Presbyterian Church, we held our first service on Easter Sunday 1972.  In 1988 we reconfigured the sanctuary and added classrooms and office space.

In August 2012, we reclaimed our old name, the First Presbyterian Church of Monroe.