P O W D E R   &   B R A S S  


Strict safety protocols.  Compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Our informal group of about 20 or so includes retirees, working professionals, prior military, and law enforcement.  Some of us are experienced shooters, others are newbies, with slightly more than half of us are female.  While our primary focus is handguns, we occasionally turn our attention to long guns.

We enjoy comraderie, friendly competition, and sharing expertise.

We normally meet once a month.  Sometimes it's five to ten of us getting together to send lead down range at the WCSO outdoor range or Monroe's indoor range.  Other times it's taking a firearms class together.  We've also met at a private home (in the country) for an outdoor "shoot".

For information, contact the church office by email:  office@fpcmonroe.com