CUB SCOUT PACK 705, Den 1 (Bear Cubs)

     The den has 13 cubs, average age: 8 years.

     Contact:  Mr Welsey Camp   (






     Trustworthy.  Loyal.  Helpful.  Friendly.  Courteous.  Kind.  Obedient.  Cheerful.  Thrifty.  Brave.  Clean.  Reverent.








Join us this Sunday - 5 February - at 11a.

It's Scout Sunday, so our Scouts and their families will be joining us for worship.

Afterwards, there will be a Cookies & Lemonade Reception in our Fellowship Hall.

Be sure to buy tickets for Troop #705's Spaghetti Supper, scheduled for Thu 9 Feb from 5:30 to 7:30p.