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New Year Series:  NEXT
The old year is gone and in comes the new.   We often think about New Year's Resolutions and yet the resolve seems to fade as life gets into full swing.  Maybe there is a better question than what do you want to change or resolve to do in the new year.   After reflecting on last year, and thinking about where you are currently, and then what you dream for in the coming year, what is next for you?  What is the next step to move into those dreams?  What is the next thing that could help you grow?  What is the next thing that could make an impact in our community?

Join us in January as we ask the question, What's Next?

January 6:   Thank you, Next!
January 13:  Next:  Riches, Mystery, and Treasure
January 20:  Next:  A True Light of Justice
January 27:  We got Next!


Dec 2nd            Beyond Fear and Doubt

Dec 9th             The Great Trouble with Favor

Dec 16th           The Story and Songs of the Season

Dec 23rd           Time to Go and See


Dec 24th           Christmas Eve Candlelight Service:  Born of God