V I T I C U L T U R E 


We meet in homes on the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 6:30p to enjoy wine, finger foods, and conversation.

Most months the attendees bring "commodities" (a snack item plus one bottle of wine per household).  On these occasions an RSVP is much appreciated but not required.

On those occasions that the host/hostess provides the wine and snacks, attendees bring "currency" ($10 per person).  An RSVP is essential.

 Please contact the church office for additional information by email:  office@fpcmonroe.com


2018 CALENDAR ...

    Thursday 14 June - hosted by Larry & Carolyn Berrong    

     Thursday 12 July - hosted by Bill & Barb McKee

    Thursday 9 August - hosted by Clay & Candy Hudson

    Thursday 13 September - hosted by Glen & Emily Cook 

    Thursday 11 October - hosted by Tom & Myrtice Ann Allgood

    Thursday 8 November - hosted by Lynne & Danny Boozer

    Thursday 13 December - hosted by Beattie & Susan Evans