At FPC Monroe we want to be known for helping people live their faith, lift others, and love all--Woo!!! Yep, it's something we are excited about.  We hope our excitement is contagious as we seek to engage people with the love of Jesus Christ.  

If you are new to the area or are looking for a faith community, we hope you will come check things out and be part of what we believe God is doing here in Monroe.

“It’s Go Time”

How do you see the church, as a magnet or as an arrow streaking from its bow?   It is about time for the big game where the world will be watching the oblong ball (hopefully properly inflated) being advanced up and down a striped field.   With that in mind, where is the game won, in the Huddle or exploding from the line of scrimmage (the Play)?    The Huddle or the Play—which one of these images would be how most people see the Church?    If you had to put yourself figuratively speaking into the game, where would you see yourself?   Quarterback, Coach, defensive or offensive line, running back, secondary, receiver, referee, commentator, sideline reporter, cheerleader, half time entertainment, event staff, concessions, fan in crowd, etc.?  

Well this February, It’s Go Time people!   Time to get in the game!  

Kicking off February 3rd, 2019.

February 3rd:              Wooooooooohhhh, Kickoff!!!!   

February 10th:             Beyond the Walls

February 17th:            Would you be, won’t you be my neighbor? 

February 24th              Starbucks Spirituality